Mon, 16. Dec. 2019   Davi, Lucas

TEE Presentation at INRIA Institute in Rennes, France

Inria Vortrag von Prof. Lucas Davi

A trusted execution environment introduces a hardware-based protection environment for programm code and data. The TEE ensures that neither malicious code nor a compromised operating system can access code and data contained in the TEE. Lucas Davi gave a presentation on the issue of memory corruption attacks in the context of TEEs at the INRIA Institute in Rennes, France. The invite talk was part of the SILM seminar on the Security of Software/Hardware Interface lecture series and elaborated on deploying TEEs to attest the run-time behavior of embedded systems and launching return-oriented programming attacks against Intel SGX enclaves.

More information about the SILM seminar as well as a video recording of the presentation (the latter will be published soon) can be found at